Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"But what about Ante's flippant remark about a nuclear bomb?" Bjorn wondered. Could that be it? Could it be that Pedro's real reason for taking over the village and airport was to build a nuclear bomb, and hold the world for ransom? The airfield was after all an old cold war relic, with nuclear bunkers and all that goes with it. A perfect place for Dr. Evil to hide away while the world goes up in flames.

The plane that so mysteriously made a landing during the night might have carried the parts for such a bomb. Or, who knows, maybe Pedro had simply bought a ready made one. Some corrupt general out there might have sold him a bomb. It would not surprise him if such a thing was possible. But would it make any sense?

Such an action would only put Pedro in danger. He would have to employ a whole little army of security officers to keep himself safe, and even if he got hold of the money from holding a city hostage with his bomb, how would he ever be able to spend it. His bank accounts would be frozen. He would be hounded by special forces from all over the world, and it would all surely be the end of him.

Bjorn lent back in his chair, taking once again in the full view in front of him. The sight filled him with calm satisfaction, and made him even surer of himself in his conclusion that no one were plotting to attack the checkpoint, and that there was no Dr. Evil out there, plotting to hold the world for ransom. This was no Bond movie. This was reality, and reality has little patience with the sort of lunacy portrayed in action movies.

However, Pedro's interest in Lundby seemed strange, for while it was easy to see how Jan and Ane were making money off of their respective projects, Pedro's business plan was less clear. Providing security services for a handful of village residents did not seem like a hugely profitable venture. And Pedro was allegedly a billionaire. Why would he waste his time collecting pennies here in the arctic. Surely, running a protection racket in Lundby could not be his reason for getting himself involved in the village.

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