Thursday, December 11, 2014


Bjorn and Ante found Frank and Geir sitting in front of the TV, watching a football game, in the living room. Bjorn felt a little uneasy about his bottle of medicine, tucked into the pocket of his jacket, and had preferred to go straight up to his room. However, Ante had lead him into the living room instead, insisting that they should find out about the schedules for airport right away.

"Any news about the airplane or the airport?" Ante asked after a brief exchange of pleasantries regarding the fine weather and their trip to Lundby.
"Well, quite a lot actually," Frank replied with a nod. "I just got this long e-mail from Oslo, all about things we have to change and do in order to contain the village."
"Yep, they are concerned about things getting out of hand. They are even bring in the coast guard to patrol the mouth of the fjord so that the detainees can't escape by boat. That should take care of the boat taxi thing, at least for now."
"And the airport?"
"It will be opened on Thursday, after we inspect it on Wednesday."
"Is that so?" Ante asked knowingly, sending Bjorn a quick glance. "And who are you sending down there to inspect it?"
"Ah... I was thinking we could send Espen and... and you, Bjorn," Frank replied hesitantly, avoiding eye contact with Geir and focusing instead on Bjorn as if desperately curious to know what Bjorn thought about the idea.
"Bjorn and Espen?" Geir asked in disbelief before Bjorn had a chance to say anything.
"Yeah, why not?" Frank asked, pretending to think the choice an excellent one.
"But they are completely clueless," Geir protested. "I mean, even Thomas would do a better job than those two."

Frank looked at his colleagues, a little lost for words.

"They are not that bad," Frank protested. "And the exercise would be good for you, don't you think, Bjorn?"
"But they need coaching," Geir continued. "They'll just roam aimlessly around. You got to admit it, Bjorn, you would have been completely lost without me down at Ane's factory."

Bjorn didn't know what to say. Geir was right. But he did not feel like admitting it in front of him.

"I'll read up on the rules," Bjorn ventured. "We'll be fine, Espen and I."
"Exactly! That's the spirit," Frank said with a smile.
"But wouldn't it be better if I came along with them, just to see that they're not missing anything?" Geir asked impatiently. "I mean, this is the airport. It's like this huge hole in the middle of the colony, and you're sending Bjorn and Espen down there so they can exercise their skills. What sort of logic is that?"
"I can't send everybody down. I need you here, Geir," Frank protested.
"But why me? Why not send me down instead of Bjorn or Espen?"

Frank looked desperate again, searching for a reasonable explanation.

"Well, I've made up my mind," Frank said abruptly. "It will be Bjorn and Espen. That's it."
"But..." Geir protested.
"No buts about it, I've made up my mind."
"But why them?"

Frank turned his attention back to the TV, signalling that he was done with the topic.

"It isn't really your idea at all, is it?" Ante suggested, and there was suddenly an eerie silence in the room while everyone was waiting for Frank's reply.
"You're right," Frank admitted, not changing his focus from the TV. "But let's just keep this among us. I'm not supposed to tell you this."
"So who's idea is this?" Geir asked in disbelief.
"I've said quite enough, Geir," Frank protested quietly. "It was an order from Oslo. That's all I can say, and even that is a secret, so let's all forget that I said this, right?"

Ante looked at Bjorn who was more than a little surprised to have learned that someone in Oslo was taking an active interest in his weekly schedule. The two men left the room. They hung off their jackets in the hallway, and without saying much, Bjorn took his bottle of medicine up to his room, while Ante went into the kitchen to start preparations for dinner.

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