Friday, September 12, 2014


The drive down to Lundby was pleasant but uneventful. Bjorn noted that there were people working on the apartment building by the water, despite it being Sunday. However, there were not as many working there as on a regular weekday. Some people were clearly taking time off, while others were not.

"No wonder that this building is being completed in record time, with so many people working on it all the time," Bjorn commented as they drove past it.
"Yep. They get things done down here," Ante agreed. "It is quite impressive what they have managed to do in such a short period of time."

Then, as they passed the billboard with the ad for the casino, Ante continued with his thoughts.

"You know, it used to take for ever to get anything done down here. My grandparents told me that the fish factory took a full five years to complete in its time. I bet these people could put up a shed like that, complete with machines and all, in less than a month."
"So what's their secret formula, you think?" Bjorn asked.
"Yep. These people don't worry about anything. There is no bureaucracy. There's nothing stopping them."
"And as a result, they are already in a slamming match with each other," Bjorn commented. "You know, Ane is dumping fish waste straight into the water, and the neighbours are anything but pleased. That's the sort of mess you get without any rules or regulations."
"Maybe so, but they sure get things done."

Bjorn had to admit that Ante had a point, but he could not free himself from thinking that this free wheeling anything goes attitude in the end would lead to some pretty unfortunate consequences.

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