Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The vision of the airplane stuck to his mind, and with nothing else to occupy him, Bjorn found himself speculating around it, wondering if he had missed something important. But he could not remember any mention of anything that could explain what he had just seen. And when Bjorn was relieved of his duties by Espen, he too had no ready answer to why a plane would come in like that in the middle of the night.

"A private jet?" Espen asked, trying to come up with an explanation.
"Someone rich and powerful, in other words... It might have been Pedro."
"Or Jan, or that ship owner?" Bjorn suggested.
"Yeah, someone like that," Espen agreed.
"But why?"
"Well, why not?

And why not indeed? The airport was there after all, and why not take advantage of this? If the destination was Lundby, or the port, it would be the quickest way to get there.

The incident was not all that mysterious when he looked at it that way, and when Bjorn entered the kitchen carrying his empty thermos over to the sink, he told Ante about it as if there was nothing very unexpected about it.

Ante looked up from the breakfast he was eating.

"Does not sound quite right to me, though. I'd report this to Frank if I were you," he said.
"Sure, I'll send him a mail right away."
"Yeah, but have some breakfast first, will you?"

Ante pointed over to Bjorn's spot at the table. Everything was set for him to sit down and enjoy the bacon, eggs and other goodies.

Bjorn sat down, and pretty soon the two men were talking about their planned trip to Lundby.

"I used to visit Lundby quite a lot as a kid, you know," Ante remarked. "But that all changed when the place was abandoned."
"Sad story, how that went with Lundby back then," Bjorn commented.
"Sure is... It will be interesting to see how long the current revival goes on before it's all shut down again."
"You think they will shut the place down?"
"I do."

Ante gave Bjorn incredulous look, as if the question made no sense at all.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. It's getting a little out of hand, isn't it?" Bjorn admitted.
"A little? The place is an anarchy. Anything goes down there."
"And how do you feel about that?" Bjorn asked, curious to see if Ante was merely pointing out an obvious fact, or if he was expressing his personal opinion.
"Me? Well... I love it. But it is not the sort of place that Oslo will leave alone for very much longer... And what else can they do than shut the whole place down?"
"They could regulate it like every other place in this country."
"Sure... Which was precisely the reason this place got shut down in the first place. Lundby died due to those regulations, and it will die again for the exact same reason."

Bjorn looked at Ante with a crooked smile.

"You've been talking to Thomas again, haven't you?" Bjorn asked.
"Sure... But he's right."
"Maybe so... And if so, all the more reason for us to go down there and explore it while it still exists."
"You're damn right, we will!" Ante agreed. "Let's go down there right away."

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