Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Bjorn made several more attempts at logging into the website, but to no avail. He was locked out, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"But this is insane," Bjorn though, as he was gradually gripped by anxiety. "They are in on it, aren't they? They have some sort of plan, and they are working with Pedro to have it come true."

Bjorn stood up from his chair, feeling too restless to remain seated. "But why me? What are they after?" he asked himself as he started pacing slowly down to the door. Then he turned and went back to the window where he looked out behind the drawn curtains.

Gus and his men were finishing their work down the road, and the sight of them was strangely soothing. The simple fact that Bjorn was far from alone in the world put things in perspective. His paranoia receded. He felt refreshed.

"So, maybe there is a hidden plan to all of this," Bjorn thought. "So what if there is? It's not necessarily a bad thing. I just have to keep an eye open and make sure I don't get involved in anything dangerous. I'm still in control. It's not like these people can make me do things against my will."

Bjorn was again reminded of Pedro's cryptic message about Tuesday. "Something is going to happen tomorrow, and I'm going to be judged by my reaction. But somehow, I doubt that it will be anything dramatic. It's just a test after all. The real issue is the visit to the airport on Wednesday."

Bjorn turned to the little bookshelf by his desk where he picked up the folder containing the rules and regulations governing the border control of the colony. He had briefly looked through it in preparation for his move to the checkpoint, but had not opened it since. And as a result, he was in fact clueless when it came to the exact wording of the rules.

But now that he was going to inspect the airport together with Espen in less than two days, it was high time he made himself a little more familiar with the details. Bjorn opened the folder, found the section on ports and airfields, and started to read. But his mind started drifting almost immediately. He could not concentrate, especially with so many thoughts and questions still circling around in his mind.

"To hell with it!" Bjorn thought. "It's all just a load of nonsense about distances and little red lines anyway. Who cares if they are followed exactly to the letter or not? I'll just going to fake it when I go down there. I'll use my common sense. I don't need a rule book to tell me if something makes sense or not."

Bjorn put the folder back on the shelf. Then, before he had time to sit down again, he heard Ante call from down stairs that dinner was ready.

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