Thursday, October 23, 2014


Bjorn, Ante and Einar walked down the narrow hallway to the kitchen at the far end.

"Man! What a kitchen," Ante exclaimed on seeing the modern fittings and spacious work surfaces. "This is what we should have up at the checkpoint."
"It's fancy, isn't it?" Einar agreed.
"Sure is! Who's the lucky chef?"
"I don't know. No one has moved in yet."

"I'm sure Pedro has his own chef. Probably brings him along," Georgio commented from the side, entering the kitchen from the dining room, together with Igor and Olga.
"Oh... Hi... There you are," Ante said. "This sure is a great kitchen, isn't it?"

They all nodded in agreement, looking around to take in the sight.

"So you survived?" Georgio asked with a crooked smile.
"Einar, you mean?" Ante asked casually.
"Ah... Well... As you can see, we're all here."
"You sure are. I told you he's harmless. Aren't you, Einar?"
"Mostly harmless," Einar replied with a nod and a sly smile.
"When you're not bashing people around the head with a plank, that is!"
"Hey! It wasn't that bad. And he was asking for it... I mean, he was breaking into the apartment."
"Well... Yeah. He's not going to try that again any time soon."

Bjorn looked at Georgio, and then at Einar, both clearly quite pleased with how things turned out at the night of the attempted break in.

"So, what happened to him?" Bjorn asked, curious to know how the burglar had faired after the beating.
"Well... I'm glad I stopped you, Einar" Georgio replied. "I just happened to come by, and there this guy was on the ground being bashed around with that plank."
"I wasn't bashing him. I was just giving him a lesson. It was not like I was trying to kill him or anything."
"No, but you messed him up pretty badly. David had to stich him up a bit."
"David, the pharmacist?" Bjorn asked.
"Yeah... He'll do little things like that. He's no doctor, but he knows what he's doing."

Bjorn nodded thoughtfully.

"Have you seen the servants' quarters?" Bjorn asked, turning to Olga and Igor.
"No, we haven't," Olga replied. "It's up that way, is it?"
"Yeah... Well worth a look, I think."
"Why don't you show them?" Georgio suggested, turning to Einar.
"Okay," Einar replied.
"Only if you promise not to kill us," Igor said mockingly.
"I only kill people who mess with me or my stuff," Einar replied in kind. "You're not planning to steal anything, or harass me are you?"
"Well, then I won't kill you."

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